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Hotels & Guesthouses in Austria with rooms, suites & apartments to sleep families of 5 or more!

Tuesday, September 11th, 2016

Atticus & Finch has now added 121 accommodations in Austria that have family rooms, suites, connecting rooms or apartments that can sleep big families of 5, 6 or more!  Now big families can enjoy Austria without having to face the added cost of booking two rooms and have the added convenience of being separated.

Whether you want to visit the beautiful cities of Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Linz & Klagenfurt or skiing in Innsbruck, Westendorf, Filzmoos, Oberau & Ellmau then you are sure to find something to suit you on Atticus & Finch!  Don’t forget to look for the 5+ symbol if you have more than 5 people in your family!

There are some great things to do in Austria for families! Check out:

Vienna Zoo – Vienna Zoo is a fantastic place to visit for the family. Kids love animals and there is plenty to see in Vienna Zoo. Very rare Giant pandas, Elephants, Polar Bears and much more

Familypark Neusiedlersee  - Nestling in a wonderful natural and man-made landscape which is second to none, the four themed areas of the ?Adventure Castle?, ?Fairytale Wood?, ?Adventure Island? and ?Farm? have something to offer everyone.

The Natural History Museum Vienna – If you would like your children to learn more about history then The Natural History Museum Vienna is definitely the place to visit.

Some great family ski resorts:

Filzmoos has excellent nursery slopes in the resort, a good snowboard school, and family-friendly après ski bars with enough life to keep the older kids happy. The village itself is picturebook-pretty, with a clutch of historic wooden chalets, and there’s a fabulous toboggan run that is floodlit at night.

Ellmau is ideal for those with younger children who are keen to get some serious skiing in while the kids are in ski school or kindergarten.  There’s an excellent crèche in the village and wide nursery slopes close to the centre. But there’s also direct access from the village to over 250km of piste, meaning parents can ski to their hearts’ content and still be back to meet the kids at lunchtime. There’s a good variety of bars and restaurants, but the nearby resort of Soll is where the real partying takes place, leaving Ellmau blissfully peaceful.

Why You Should Consider Salzburg For Your Next Holiday/Vacation

Friday, September 7th, 2016

Located to the North of the Alps and along the banks of the Salzach River, Salzburg, Austria, is a city that lies around three hundred kilometres from Vienna and boasts everything from charm and culture to history and beauty. You will find Salzburg just one hundred and fifty kilometres to the east of Munich, so the city enjoys a convenient location between major areas and amidst breathtaking beauty and landscapes. From rolling mountain scenery to fabulous architecture towards the inner city, there is plenty to explore and take in when you visit this destination. Admire the fabulous architecture of the baroque towers and churches that adorn the city, admire the cathedral, and visit the many historical points of significance nearby such as Eagle?s Nest, which was Hitler?s retreat. Getting around is easy and you can enjoy efficient train services to places such as Munich and Vienna as well as easy access around the city. This makes sightseeing and travel around the city convenient and simple for visitors.

Enjoy one of the most fascinating cities in Europe when you visit Salzburg, Austria

For many, Salzburg is one of the most fascinating cities in Europe thanks to its rich history, diverse culture, beautiful surroundings, and interesting architecture. The city enjoys a number of claims to fame, from once being home to the famous composer Mozart to being the location of the world famous blockbuster movie ?The Sound of Music?. With this type of background, visitors can enjoy even more in terms of entertainment and activities. Pay a visit to the house and residence of Mozart, and see the many monuments erected in memory of this famous son of Salzburg. The excellent location of this city also makes it ideal for a range of outdoor recreational activities, which means that you can visit Salzburg at any time of the year and still find plenty to keep you busy. You can enjoy activities such as skiing, which in the winter months swells the number of people coming through the airport. You can enjoy a range of other outdoor activities throughout the year, from biking and sightseeing to picnicking.

A vacation to Salzburg, Austria is one you will remember for many years to come

The unique character and charm coupled with the vibrant atmosphere and diverse culture that you will find in this city means that you will enjoy a truly memorable and unique vacation. A range of festivities and events take place in Salzburg throughout the year, and these can help add to your appreciation of the city and your overall experience, enabling you to sample the local lifestyle and culture as well as have some fun and excitement. Some of the events and festivities you can look forward to, depending on the time of year you visit, include the famous Salzburg Festival and the Easter Festival. You will find a great choice of shops and eateries here too, so you can enjoy a little retails therapy and everything from a light snack to a full meal. With accommodation available throughout the city, finding lodgings ranging from friendly bed & breakfasts to big name hotels will also prove easy and convenient.

If you are looking for hotels with family rooms to sleep your big family of 5 or more persons in Salzburg please visit

Paris The City of light

Thursday, September 6th, 2016

Paris is pleasant to visit all round the year. It is a popular tourist destination along with being a rich metropolitan city. It is the largest French city along with being the capital of France; Paris is home to about 10 million people.

The North Atlantic drift affects the climate of Paris. As a result Paris has a marine west coast climate. The city enjoys temperate climate throughout the year and does not have extremely high or low temperatures. Sometimes the coldest months may receive snowfall usually lasting only a day. There has been one unique instance of snowfall in April that may have been caused due to changes in the global weather patterns.

However, October is a perfect time to visit Paris. The locals are relaxed after the onslaught of summer tourists, the crisp daily temperature in the mid-sixties is ideal for exploring outdoor markets and cobble-stoned streets, and the range of colors on display in Paris’ many parks and gardens is breathtaking.

Paris is rated very high amongst fashion houses and boasts of a fast and exciting nightlife. The city boasts of innumerable historical avenues, monuments, museums, iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the “Louvre,” which is prided to be amongst the most famous museums.
Estimates suggest that Paris caters to more than thirty million visitors annually. Though most would take one trip to the Eiffel tower, the city boasts of many other archaic and architectural wonders that can keep visitors mesmerized for life.

Visit Paris also to experience the world?s best food. Paris is known to be home of the finest foods and drinks in the whole world and Enjoy your Parisian coffees.

Finally we all believe that it is the combination of historical charm, modernism, and a heady underworld, which makes Paris a fantasy tourist destination. So don?t lose the chance and do your best to spend a vacation in the City OF Light.

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Travel Tips For New York City

Wednesday, September 5th, 2016

New York, New York ? so good they named it twice ? is one of the most fascinating, exciting and cultural cities in the world. Within the 20 square miles that comprise Manhattan can be found some of the world?s greatest museums, shops and restaurants, as well as a spectacular skyline that?s known the world over.

You could spend a lifetime in New York without experiencing everything fully. Some of the sights that any first time visitor to New York must see include the Empire State Building – for many years the world?s tallest building – the immigration museum at Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and the United Nations Building.

One of the joys of visiting the city is simply to wander through the different and varied neighborhoods ? Greenwich Village, Chinatown, the Theater District, Harlem and Little Italy. The outlying borough of Brooklyn has several attractions including the botanical gardens and the famous amusement park at Coney Island.

One of the biggest attractions is the city?s diversity – in New York you can hear virtually any language spoken and dine in a different ethnic restaurant every night for a month. Apart from Manhattan, the borough of Queens is also well known for its wide selection of foreign restaurants.

Shopping in New York is equally satisfying, offering world class department stores with such famous names as Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales. At the other end of the shopping spectrum are street markets, designer boutiques and specialty stores.

New York has some of the greatest museums in the world ? several conveniently located together at the edge of Central Park. The Metropolitan Museum of Art attracts more visitors than any other place in the city and offers everything from Egyptian mummies to 20th century masterpieces.

On the other hand the city has over 50 smaller but fascinating museums dedicated to such diverse subjects as firefighting, tenement living and the history of finance. Children are not forgotten ? there are several museums aimed at children as well as the ever popular Bronx Zoo with its more than 4,000 animals.

Since the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001, one of New York?s biggest attractions has been the remains of the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan. More than a tourist attraction, to many it?s a site of pilgrimage and a poignant reminder of the events of that day.

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Austria ? Vienna, Salzburg, Halstatt and Sound of Music

Monday, September 3rd, 2016

Beautiful Mountains of Austria

Austria simply can?t be beat when it comes to beauty. You?ve seen the country in the Sound of Music, but the cities of Vienna, Salzburg and the alpine town of Halstatt are just as nice.


Vienna is a city with a ridiculous amount of history. The home of the waltz, Habsburg Palaces and an unrivaled musical past. Walk for an evening through the cobblestone streets in the center city and you can almost hear a famous composer at work. In fact, many of the walking areas are lined with small orchestral ensembles playing their way through the evening. Elbowing in on their act, of course, are those unique artist who dress in a period piece and then stand in one position for what seems time eternal. Buddhist monks would be envious if they believed in envy.

The only downside to Vienna is the expense. It is very expensive. If you are going to spend some time in the city, be ready to pay for the privilege.


Salzburg is one of my favorite cities and I always try to hit it when I am traveling through Europe. The real home of Mozart, Salzburg is Vienna without less of the hustle and bustle. A walk through the shopping district will leave you breathless and, sometimes, penniless, but it is a worthwhile go. Salzburg is a city where you can drink bear with monks, take in an opera or just walk through exquisite rose gardens. Unfortunately, it gives Vienna a run for its money when it comes to being expensive. Yes, pun intended.


Halstatt is the little town in the Alps that puts the Sound of Music to shame. Located roughly an hour outside of Salzburg, the easiest way to reach it is by train. The train travels well up into the Alps and drops you off by the side of a lake. You plop down in a little hut and wait for the ferry from Halstatt to appear. The ferry then halls you across the lake to a Alpine town with no cars ? Halstatt. It is like stepping into the past. People are friendly, prices are reasonable and romance is on the hoof. Swans swim along the outdoor cafes dotting the lake and, well, it is pretty dang nice. If you are looking for a little romance, Halstatt is definitely worth your consideration.

For many travelers, Austria gets scratched off the ?must visit? list because it is so expensive. Still, you should try to visit it at least once in your life to take in the splendor.

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Skiing in Austria

Sunday, September 2nd, 2016

The world famous home of skiing, Austria, is an ideal resort for anyone who enjoys skiing.  The fresh alpine slopes, combined with picture-postcard scenery, and a grand culture of centuries old make Austria an ideal holiday destination, whether or not you simply adore skiing like me!

Austria is home to a wide variety of ski resorts, catering for all abilities and tastes.  From the lavishly expensive to the bargain basement (yet still of a consistently high quality), Austria has it all, from the highest peaks, to the snowiest landscapes, and with a bit of research you can find some really great deals.

When in Austria, you’d be mad not to ski the alps.  The dream of many skiers, the alps span several European countries, and is a must-ski for an enthusiast.  Spend a good few days in Austria, and dedicate at least one of them to skiing the alps.  You won’t regret it, I can promise you that!

If you put in the research work before you leave, you will generally be able to find some top quality accommodation at low prices.  Whether you are booking within a ski resort, or nearby, you should consult the internet to find last minute deals which might help you save money.  A good tip to bear in mind is that the star rating given  to accommodation does not indicate quality.  You might be better off in a one star than a three star for example, given that the star only represents the level of facilities.  Additionally, lower star ratings are usually cheaper, so you can benefit from quality, reduced price accommodation if you know where to look. Whatever type of accommodation you opt for, if you are flexible enough to leave for your vacation instantly you will benefit from good deals.  Hotels often cut their prices at the last minute, on the basis that some money for a room is better than no money, and so if you’re prepared to get away as soon as possible, you will find it can be really cheap, and you can still have a great time all the same.

To find a hotel or apartment with room for 5 or more persons in Austria please visit

On top of that, the internet is home to a variety of low cost airlines which run ‘no frills’, no ticket services.  In my personal experience, I have found these airlines to be as good as their more expensive competitors, and just as efficient and comfortable.  One word of caution about any airline: make sure they are equipped to handle skiing equipment.  Some companies will charge a surplus for your skis, so it is important to ask before you book as to arrangements for bulky or large and fragile goods.

Another highly recommended purchase is insurance for both your equipment and yourself.  Things do go wrong, on holiday as well as at home.  It is important, therefore to make sure you are covered.  Particularly when you are placing your equipment in an airplane hold, or when you are indulging in a dangerous sport like skiing, insurance is important for ensuring you don’t end up high and dry.  You can find good deals if you shop around, and it really is worth the few bucks to get that piece of mind, and actual backup in case things go wrong. In a word, it is essential. Don’t leave home without it!

Travel In Brisbane And The Sunshine Coast

Friday, August 31st, 2016


With a population of 1,600,000 and with an area of approximately 525 square miles, Brisbane has shucked the reputation it had as a backwater and changed it to a reputation that the people living there can be proud of, being one of the country’s most progressive centers. Brisbane has a number of interesting locations such as a great riverside park and a good street cafe scene. Brisbane’s cultural calendar is quite busy and the nightlife is thirving too.

Locally, Brisbane is known as Bris Vegas, renowned elsewhere for the sun and the brash, grlitzy hordes that follow it. Brisbane is also an arts capital that is thriving, it has lot’s of theatres, concert halls, museums and galleries. It must be paradise with a climate this good.

Brisbane is placed in a good location where the weather is in a delightful contrast to the chilly weather further south, Brisbane
is most pleasant in winter time, June to August, when the days are warm and sunny and the nights are cool. All that while not suffering from the further north stifling humidity. Between June and August, a lot of people from Sydney and Melbourne move up north so a crows could be expected.

The Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast

Not more than an hour drive from Brisbane you can reach the Sunshine Coast Queensland, beginning at Caloundra and extending to Cooloola, that is gateway to Fraser Island. The Sunshine Coast Queensland has a pristine coastline and lush hinterland and a superb cuisine. Whatever you are looking for adventure or a nice spot of sand to sit and ponder, the sunshine coast delivers. This coast is a holiday center for both couples and families.

Just to give some examples of the diversity, the kids can be kept happy fishing, visiting local attractions, canoeing or wandering around the markets. There are a variety of swimming spots provided by rivers, sheltered bays and beaches. You can take a quiet rainforest walk, play a round of golf or you can choose a romantic dinner by the sea or in the mountains.

The Sunshine Coast is an ideal place to relax, being a perfect mix of coast and country.

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A Quick History of Sydney for Prospective Travelers

Thursday, August 30th, 2016

Copyright 2006 Tom Dinic

As the state capital of New South Wales ( in Australia, Sydney is certainly full of rich history that any traveler would like to discover for themselves.  Established in 1788 when Briton Arthur Phillip claimed Australia for England, Sydney has grown to be one of the more famous cities in the world, boasting over four million people for the population.

Situated along the Sydney Harbor, Sydney is known as the ?Harbor City? in which travelers and residents can enjoy such sights as the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge.  A previous host of the Summer Olympics, Sydney is certainly creating a destination for the travelers of today and the future.

The indigenous Australians ( once roamed the lands of Sydney and the surrounding areas for approximately thirty thousand years.  And while their numbers dwindled before the arrival of Arthur Phillips, they still inhabited the area and made their homes in the region.

In the past, there were three different languages spoken in Sydney: Darug, Dharawal, and Guringai.  Many of these languages also have separate dialects for various tribes and clans.  These languages are all but gone now, but rock carvings remain to tell the stories of these ancient peoples.

In 1770, James Cook was the first to see Australia and note its existence.  This led to the British convict settlement as founded by Arthur Phillip.  Founded in Sydney Cove, this settlement was named after the British home secretary.  A few years later in 1789, a virulent disease spread over the land, killing the indigenous populations?many believe that this was the result of smallpox.

By 1820, there were few aborigines left and the period of civilization began: the education and Christianization of the natives.  With the leadership of Governor Macquarie, the city of Sydney began to take a more organized form.  Roads and wharves were constructed and local development was rapid.  People began arriving from Britain and Ireland in order to find a new life for themselves.

This influx of people led to some of the first villages and later towns in Sydney.  As the era of gold rushes came and went, the development of suburbs and improved transportation also blossomed.  The construction of railways and tramways in the nineteenth century aided this rapid development.  By the twentieth century, Sydney already had a population of over a million people.  While the Great Depression hit Sydney hard, the Harbor Bridge (  was still completed during that time.

With the second highest immigrant population of any larger world city, Sydney is an interesting mix of culture and expression.  In fact, forty-five percent of the population is said to be migrants of some relation.  This makes for a different feeling in the city?one of acceptance and sharing, rather than segregation.

This allows Sydney to be an ideal vacation destination for those travelers that want a sense of history and development as well as great weather and nearby activities.  Sydney is more than a vacation hotspot; it?s where time has shown that anything can be achieved with patience and hard work.

Over-the-top fun at Universal Studios Florida

Monday, August 27th, 2016

Caught in the rather long shadow cast by Walt Disney World, Universal Studios have always been something of a scrappy younger sibling.  To make comparisons even more pronounced, the similarly themed Disney-MGM Studios opened at the Mouse House around the same time. But Universal Studios offers some tremendous attractions and has its own, unique rhythm to compel vacationers through its turnstiles. Like its sister park, Islands of Adventure, nearly every major attraction features loud, kinetic, frantic action. It is one over-the-top moment after another.

Universal Studios Florida opened in May 1990 as Universal’s first park after the original Universal Studios in Hollywood and it is located in the Universal Orlando Resort, on the southeast side of Orlando, 10 minutes north of Walt Disney World.  The least crowded seasons are from Labor Day to Thanksgiving and from mid-February to mid-March.

Universal Orlando Resort is way more than a theme park.
The Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure theme parks are a world where every member of the family can choose their own perfect fun.
You can have the ultimate adventure, have fun with your kids, rejuvenate yourself, have a romantic dinner, challenge yourself on incredible theme park rides and relax by the pool in a beautiful Florida setting.

There is a wealth of dining options throughout the resort.
The dining options range from Bice Ristorante at Portofino Bay Hotel and the Palm Restaurant at the Hard Rock Hotel, to Emeril Lagasses famous Emerils Restaurant Orlando in Universal CityWalk.

Orlando is also home to some of the best shopping in the States.
From the new Millenia mega-mall, to the extremely popular designer outlet malls featuring all the latest designer fashions at fantastic prices. For many tourists, shopping is one of the many great reasons to visit Orlando often.

Shrek 4-D
Join Princess Fiona and our heroes on an all new honeymoon adventure picking up where the Oscar-winning movie “Shrek” left off.

Revenge of the Mummy
Plunge into total darkness as you face fireballs, scarab beetles, and an army of warrior mummies on a psychological thrill ride.
If you love roller coasters, you are in for a truly unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Apart from an amazing ride, this set includes parks and a network of alleyways that you can explore.

MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack
There are 120 different alien species, many created specifically for this thrill ride.

Back To the Future the Ride
You’ll fly from 2015 Hill Valley through an Ice Age avalanche and into the clutches of a dinosaur and back to the future all to stop Biff from altering the future.

Terminator 2:3-D
This ride features live-action stunts, special effects, and amazing 3-D film come together.

Discover The Aquarium Of The Pacific In Long Beach California

Tuesday, August 21st, 2016

Aquarium Of The Pacific

The Aquarium of the Pacific is located near the waterfront in The Pike at Rainbow Harbor in the city of Long Beach, California. It is one of the largest aquariums in the United States. Its nearly 1,000 species fill 19 major habitats and 32 focus exhibits and take visitors on a journey throughout the Pacific Ocean’s three regions: Southern California/Baja, the Tropical Pacific, and the Northern Pacific.

The Aquarium of the Pacific is a 156,735-square-foot marine exhibition With sweeping, curving, wave-like architecture that is designed to emulate the ocean. It houses over 12,000 ocean animals, including five species of whales, eleven species of sharks, porpoises, dolphins, rays and skates including manta rays, sea turtles, birds, bears and more along with over 10,000 simulated mussels, kelp fronds and other natural exhibit accoutrements and over 10,000 pieces of individual, artificial coral, representing 58 different coral species.

The Aquarium provides behind the scenes tours where you can dive into the underwater world and discover places in the Aquarium where most people do not have a chance to go and even feed the anamals. Visitors are encouraged to watch animal feedings and learn more about the animals and environmental issues at habitat presentations. Join the Animal Encounter interactive program which allows guests to feed, touch, and go behind the scenes with some of the more than 12,500 inhabitants, including the Shark Animal Encounter which provides guests with an opportunity to be in a pool with one of the zebra sharks, or maybe even the 240-pound thorny ray.
From Memorial Day through Labor Day you can aboard The Conqueror, a 90-foot research vessel for a 90-minute marine science excursion where you will have an opportunity to touch a variety of marine animals while you learn about their natural habitat and about life in the ocean.

The Aquarium Of The Pacific is located at 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802. Parking for the Aquarium is on the water side of Shoreline Drive between Chestnut Place and Aquarium Way. Parking is $6 for Aquarium guests in both the Aquarium and Pike parking structures when you show an Aquarium ticket stub. Spice up your visit by taking the Aquabus, a red 40-foot harbor shuttle in Queensway Bay connecting the Queen Mary / Catalina Express, the Coast Hotel, Catalina Landing, The Aquarium of the Pacific, Pine Avenue Circle at the Pike, and Shoreline Village. Service frequency is hourly and hours of operation are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fare is $1 one-way. Children 2 years and under ride free.

The Aquarium Of The Pacific is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day of the year, except December 25 and during the weekend of the Grand Prix of Long Beach. Admission fees are, adults: $18.95, children under 2: free, children from 3 to 11: $10.95 and seniors 60 and over: $16.95. The Behind The Scenes Tour and Ocean Experience are extra.

For more information about the city of Long Beach, California see, a directory of links to city of Long Beach, California guides and directories listing hotels, restaurants, attorneys, information, resources, services, things to do, places to go and more.