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Hotels & apartments for large families of 5, 6, 7 or more people in Andalucia / Andalusia, Spain

Friday, February 15th, 2017


Are you a large family of 5, 6, 7 or more persons?  Do you have 3, 4  or more children?  Are you looking for hotels, guest houses or apartments in the Andalucia region of Spain to accommodate your big family?   Look no further! Atticus & Finch has 215 big family hotels guesthouses and apartments listed in Andalucia that have family rooms, suites, apartments and connecting rooms to sleep 5, 6, 7 or more persons!  Find hotels in Almeria, Almunecar, Benalmadena,  Cordoba, Fuengirola, Granada, Malaga and more! You should have no trouble finding a room  to sleep your large family in Andalucia!

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Big Family Travel to Asturias in Northern Spain

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2016

Beautiful Asturias Countryside

Situated between Galicia and Cantabria in the centre of Northern Spain’s ‘Costa Verde’, Asturias is a region of sparkling rivers, lush meadows, mountainous peaks and many beaches along its beautiful northern coast. With clean air and beautiful natural surroundings and a wealth of flora & fauna, Asturias is a great choice for families looking to get away from the humdrum of everyday life.  Now big families consisting of 5 or more people can enjoy Asturias too! Atticus & Finch have found hotels and apartments in Asturias that can accommodate them, find your big family family hotel or apartment at

Whilst visiting the Asturias region be sure to check out The Archaeological Museum of Asturias, housed in the 16th century Benedictine monastery of Saint Vicente in Oviedo.  Its findings include collections of the Asturian Neolithic, Megalithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Astur hill fort culture, Roman period, and of the Gothic, Pre-Romanesque and Romanesque periods of the Kingdom of Asturias.

The bigger kids will love Astur Paintball and the little ones will love the many beautiful beaches along the Asturias coast.

Do you know of any great family things to do in Asturias? Please comment below:)


Accommodation for big families and things to do in the Galicia region!

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2016

Las Islas Cíes Beach in Galicia

Often described as green Spain, Galicia has an abundance of  beaches and spectacular mountainous views. With historic cities like the famous Santiago de Compostela,  picturesque towns and breathtaking countryside, Galicia is a haven for families.

Galicia shares its borders with Portugal in the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west and consists of 4 different provinces, la Coruna, Pontevedra, Ourense and Lugo.

Atticus & Finch has listed many hotels, guest houses and apartments in Galicia that can accommodate big families of 5 or more so you don’t need to spend hours on the internet trying to find these elusive rooms.  Find your hotel family room or apartment  in Galicia now at

Whilst visiting Galicia, there are lots of things to do for families:

  • Santiago de Compostela Cathedral – A visit to Galicia is not complete unless you have visited this magificent Cathedral, the cathedral is the reputed burial-place of Saint James the Greater, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ.
  • La Coruna: Aquarium Finisterrae - an interactive center of the sciences of marine biology, oceanography and the sea in general. It aims to promote learning about the ocean and to teach people to be more caring toward marine life.
  • Islas Cies Beach – Named by the Guardian Newspapers as one of the top 10 beaches of thh world,  Las Islas Cíes is a 40-minute boat trip from the pretty town of Baiona. Once a pirates’ haunt, Cíes is now an uninhabited and pristine national park, open to the public only in summer.
  • Parque Natural Fragas do Eume - More than 9000ha area of lakes, valleys, forests, nature and green living, a beautiful Nature Reserve situated about 60km east of A Coruña .

Please comment underneath if you have any tips when visiting Galicia:)

Visitar Andalucía con su gran familia

Monday, June 25th, 2016

Lo que viene a la mente cuando se piensa en Andalucía? Flamenco bailarines, Matadors, fiestas y tapas? Región más austral Españas ‘y compuesta por 8 provincias: Cádiz, Córdoba, Jaén, Huelva, Almería, Málaga, Granada y Sevilla, Andalucía es una gran opción para las familias.

Habitación para 5 personas ha encontrado un montón de hoteles y apartamentos en Andalucía que pueden alojar grandes familias aquí:, pero ¿qué puede hacer una vez que estás allí?

Aparte de las fabulosas playas de la Costa del Sol, Costa de la Luz, Costa de Almería y la Costa Tropical, hay un montón de cosas que hacer en Andalucía para familias numerosas.

Si usted está en la zona de Málaga, a continuación, un viaje al Zoo de Fuengirola es un deber! Tienen un montón de animales, de los gorilas a los tigres y los cocodrilos a los orangutanes, tal vez lo mejor es la visita de la luna – A lo largo de julio y agosto, el Bioparc está abierto hasta las 1.00 am que permite a los visitantes observar las especies más nocturnamente activo, como leopardos, zorros voladores y puercoespines.

Una de las Españas más populares y sitios espectaculares son las Cuevas de Nerja, son una serie de enormes cavernas que se extienden por casi cinco kilómetros y hogar de la mayor estalagmita del mundo, una columna de 32 metros de alto la medición de 13 metros por 7 metros en su base.

No hay mejor manera de ver el hermoso paisaje que la bicicleta y hay un montón de lugares donde se pueden alquilar bicicletas en Andalucía desde tan sólo ? 10 al día para los niños y 25 ? para los adultos

Crocodile Park en Torremelinos es el hogar de alrededor de 250 cocodrilos, uno de ellos que pasa a ser “Paco”, el cocodrilo más grande de Europa!

Si usted ha sido una atracción familiar en Andalucía y tenía un tiempo fabuloso, no se mantienen a sí mismo, por favor deja un comentario que nos dice todo sobre él

Visiting Andalucia with your big family

Saturday, June 23rd, 2016

Flamenco Dancers

What springs to mind when you think of Andalucia?  Flamenco dancers, Matadors, Fiestas and tapas?  Spains’ most southern region and made up of 8 provinces: Cadiz, Cordoba, Jaen, Huelva, Almeria, Malaga, Granada and Seville, Andalucia is a great option for families.

Atticus & Finch has found lots of hotels and apartments in Andalucia that can sleep big families here: but what can you do once you’re there?

Apart from the fabulous beaches of the Costa del sol, Costa de la Luz, Costa Almeria and Costa Tropical, there are lots of things to do in Andalucia for big families.

If you are in the Malaga area, then a trip to Fuengirola zoo is a must!  They have lots of animals, from gorillas to tigers and crocodiles to  orangutans, maybe the best thing is the moonlight visit – Throughout July and August the Bioparc stays open until 1.00 am allowing visitors to observe the more nocturnally-active species, such as leopards, flying foxes and porcupines.

One of Spains most popular and spectacular sites are the Nerja Caves, they are are a series of huge caverns stretching for almost five kilometres and home to the world?s largest stalagmite, a 32 metre high column measuring 13 metres by 7 metres at its base.

There is no better way to see the beautiful countryside than bike riding and there are lots of places where you can hire bicycles in Andalucia from as little as ?10 a day for kids and ?25 for adults

Crocodile Park in Torremelinos is  home to around 250 Crocodiles, one of which just so happens to be ?Paco?, the largest Crocodile in Europe!

If you have been to a family attraction in Andalucia and had a fabulous time, don’t keep it to yourself, please post a comment telling us all about it