Hotel sleeps 6 vegas

hotel sleeps 6 vegas

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Are you looking for a hotel sleeps 6 Vegas?  No problem! We have hotel rooms listed in Las Vegas to sleep 5, 6 or more persons in one room, suite or connecting rooms.

Atticus & Finch has trawled the internet and managed to find some of these rooms (also not found on booking engines) .  Find your big family room in Las Vegas now, use the search facility on the right to search online booking engines or visit

Hotel sleeps 6 vegas, 6 people in one room, suite or connecting rooms!

Don?t book two rooms and be separated, simply book one and save money!

There are lots of things to do in Las Vegas for your family, please see here for a large list of  things to do for the whole family in Las Vegas here:

For a list of restaurants in Las Vegas that are great for families, please visit this site:

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